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Based on a novel by Michael Stewart.

Every parent hopes for a perfect child.  Jake Chalmers has a special reason for wanting one:  he and his wife Kathy have an intellectually challenged son, Danny, and although as a consultant paediatrician he meets such cases daily, as a father who loves his son dearly he is deeply affected by Danny’s bitter handicap.

They have a second child, Sophie, born through IVF to be free of the defect.  Sophie is as lovely as she is brilliant.  A prodigy, and Jake’s supreme joy.  Yet we sense that her prodigious powers edge beyond the normal, and in turn his love seems over-protective, causing intense friction with Kathy.

Jake believes he can contain the worst he fears, but he could never have foreseen the explosive emotional consequences when Sophie discovers how she gained her extraordinary intellect, nor ever imagined the bizarre and terrifying form in which her unconscious rage takes its revenge.

Co-producer Quantum Films Ltd.


Nice things people have said:

'Stewart is the surgeon general of the medical thrillers'
Washington Post

'Michael Stewart is unbelievably accomplished'

'Michael Stewart is hot property'
Radio Times

'Highly readable, skilfully plotted and hugely entertaining'
Oxford Times

Daily Mail