Father Frank

In development

Feature Film adaptation of the novel written by Paul Burke.

Father Frank Dempsey is a Roman Catholic priest who harbours an almighty secret: he doesn’t believe in God. Despite this, or maybe because of it, he is brilliant and hugely successful as a priest. His unconventional methods, which include driving a taxi to raise funds, bring his flock together and transform what was once a drab North London parish. It’s all going beautifully until Sarah hops into his taxi and into his life, slowly putting his vows under incredible strain.


Nice things people have said:

'A dazzling first novel - funny, thoughtful and original'

Stephen Fry

‘Father Frank  is a warm, funny, blisteringly good read that has the angels on its side’
Tony Parsons

‘Fast-moving, witty and highly digestible’
Tim Lott

Adele Parks